At Vibe Youth we provide a wide range of training packages to aid professionals and practitioners

VIBE WITH US – To provide professionals & practitioners with the elements and principles based on  Vibe’s model to support those young people who exhibit emotional & challenging behaviour. We look at  the underlying root causes of these behaviours and use techniques to identify them and positively engage around them.

  • Understanding that negative behaviours are addictive
  • Behaviours are learnt and can be unlearnt
  • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence
  • How to challenge toxic thought process that lead to destructive behaviour
  • Re-teach life values, morals and social responsibility, replacing failing internal boundaries.

STREET VIBES – It is important to understand the reason behind the WHY and what we do collectively moving forward to support young people affected by gang culture and youth violence. 

  • Definition of a gang
  • Pyramid of risk
  • Brief background of the Jamaican drug trade to the US and how US policies drove forward UK drug markets
  • Transatlantic imitation
  • The rise of youth violence
  • County lines
  • Gang affected girls
  • Signs and indicators of gang involvement.