VIBE KIDS is an Early intervention 12 session project created to support key stage 2 pupils to recognise and acknowledge their own WORTH and VALUE. The project is specifically for children who lack in confidence, self-esteem and each session is group based, fun, creative and promotes deep thinking in order for children to better understand themselves, It’s all about the POSITIVE VIBES!

If a child has negative experiences in their lives or within a school setting, it can affect their emotional & behavioural developmet, which in turn can impact on their psychological & intellectual development. Children at times can lack the ability to tap into thier strengths & support systems to overcome challenges & work through problems. VIBE KIDS takes children on a journery of self discovery, self discovery is a key component of personal growth and the ultimate destination of the VIBE KIDS journey is for children to discover who they are & what makes them unique.



* Improved confidence, self belief & self worth 

* The ability to form effective relationships 

* Greater resillience 

* Capability to adapt to ever changing environments