Universal, available to all children and young people

(No referral required)


Inspiring talks to large audiences designed to empower and motivate children and young people. Based on speakers own personal lived experiences.


The Vibe Star Project is designed to train participants in the techniques of coaching. It will begin as an introduction to the art of clear, direct, and empathetic communication. Participants will learn techniques that help others solve their own issues and make their own decisions. Young people will learn to help others within their school environment by creating a Vibe Star support hub, evaluate their behaviour and improve the quality of their school and personal lives by utilising techniques that cut to the core of a problem.

  • Selection process Group based project up to ten participants
  • Two 1.5hr sessions per week for four weeks
  • Post project practical evaluations
  • Vibe Star hoodie upon completion


Vibe Youth workshops involve carefully structured group sessions which promote positive and healthy debates, discussions, and the importance of understanding choices.

  • No referral required
  • Up to ten participants
  • 1.5hr workshops
  • Can be booked in blocks if required