The need for vibe youth

What drives us

It’s inevitable that young people face transitions and adversity. If we’re lucky, these difficulties are manageable, and we gain support and understanding through close relationships with others. But a large number of young people face overwhelming challenges, and have nowhere to turn.

Whether stress arises through family and relationship issues, social pressures or isolation, mistreatment, deprivation or ill health, many young people face trauma that interrupts and distorts healthy development.  Rather than growing towards a bright future, they find themselves at risk of depression and anxiety, problematic behaviour, exclusion and even suicide.  Without timely intervention these issues can snowball, and families, communities, schools, support services and wider society bear the strain of supporting young people who are in crisis.

As young people we ourselves lived this experience – we know what it’s like, from the inside.

How we work

Vibe Youth aims to reach young people before their challenges become entrenched.  Our programmes create opportunities for participants to examine their own behaviour and the emotions behind it, understand root causes, and build hope and aspirations for the future.

Our unique approach is informed by our own lived experience, connecting young people through stories, building emotional literacy, and empowering them to make informed choices.

Young people have a big role to play in society, and are central to the positive, meaningful and prosperous future we all want. We help young people become resilient, responsible citizens, contribute to their communities, and build social connections – regardless of their background.