Vibe Youth CIC is a youth organisation based in Swansea, South Wales that provides a meaningful and relevant source of support and personal development for children & young people. Set up by Karen Henry & Jake Henry, they use their own life experiences to highlight the impact a difficult upbringing can have on later life choices. However their own personal journeys have shown how a life can be transformed through developing an understanding of self, making a conscious commitment to value oneself & pursue more positive choices.

What they set out to do is use their innate understanding of what it feels like to be labelled and reach out to children & young people. They share their journey & experiences to encourage and support others  to open up about difficult events they may have experienced. The aim is to guide young people in understanding the reasons behind their emotions, empower them to take back control and enable more positive life choices, giving rise to VIBE YOUTH.

Working in line with Wales Wellbeing of Future Generations and the Social Services and Wellbeing Acts, we recognise the value of social and economic wellbeing, and building resillience within our communities.

Vibe Youth provides hope for future generations by empowering young people in:

  • Positive decision making
  • Building self-belief
  • Encouraging social responsilbilty
  • Building stronger individuals & communities