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At Vibe Youth we provide a wide range of workshops that can be tailored to the need of an individual or group approach.

Our VIBE Ambassador project seeks to find the greatness within and support participants in understanding the importance of positive relationships, increasedconfidence, resilience and self-worth. We believe its not who you are but what you do that defines you. The VIBE STAR project is about creating a network of positive peer support for young people, delivered by young people who have overcome hurdles and barriers. We look at the importance of peer support, how to become an effective peer mentor and maintaining and managing relationships.

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Positive Vibes


"Over the last couple of weeks the group work is the reason why I come to school. It’s the only thing I look forward to. I like listening to Kaz and Jake talking about their lives and they see good in everyone. It puts me in a better mood.""


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