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At VIBE Youth we use a group approach to engage with young people, and support our participants to understand the impact and consequences of risky behaviour.

We aim to promote positive change within the lives of the young people we work with and support them to sustain change. We draw upon our own personal experiences to which young people can relate.

Your VIBE project is a seven week project, which focuses on supporting young people to understand the choices they have made. We use specific methods to support our participants through every step so that they can turn their lives around, and provide individual follow on support after the project has been completed. Your VIBE project aims to achieve the following:

  • Understand choices
  • Promotes positive thinking and behaviour
  • Encourages change and independence
  • Teaches emotional acceptance
  • Reduce risky behaviour

We work on a referral process so we can mix groups appropriately to achieve the best outcomes for all our participants.

Positive Vibes


"I liked listening to Kaz and Jake talking about their lives and the fact they see good in everyone."


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