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At Vibe Youth we provide a wide range of training packages to aid professionals and practitioners.

We offer a range of unique training packages which cover the following:

VIBE WITH US - To provide professionals and practitioners with the elements and principles based of Vibe's model to support those young people who exhibit emotional & challenging behaviour. We look at the underlying root causes of these behaviours and use techniques to identify them and positively engage around them. Outcomes are as follows

  • • Understanding that negative behaviours are addictive
  • • Behaviours are learnt and can be unlearnt
  • • Crime and consequences/ victim awareness
  • • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence
  • • How to challenge toxic thought process that lead to destructive behaviour
  • • Re-teach life values, morals and social responsibility, replacing failing internal boundaries (often learnt as a child)

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STREET VIBES - It is important to understand the reason behind the WHY and what we do collectively moving forward to support young people affected by gang culture and youth violence. STREET VIBES is about educating not just professionals but young people around the following:

  • • Definition of a gang
  • • Pyramid of risk
  • • Brief background of the Jamaican drug trade to the US and how US policies drove forward UK drug markets
  • • Transatlantic imitation
  • • The rise of youth violence
  • • County lines
  • • Gang affected girls
  • • Signs and indicators of gang involvement.

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Positive Vibes


"Over the last couple of weeks the group work is the reason why I come to school. It’s the only thing I look forward to. I like listening to Kaz and Jake talking about their lives and they see good in everyone. It puts me in a better mood.""


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