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We understand the importance of education, but at the same time young people face a variety of obstacles which distract them from engaging to the best of their ability.

We provide early intervention services which are person centred for young people which demonstrate behaviour or emotional concerns.

We seek to improve attainment by reducing challenging conduct. Our services are aimed at reducing a variety of behaviours, from low-level disruption to aggression, violence, bullying, substance abuse and general anti-social activities. We also use a combination of personal real-life experiences and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approaches to develop a positive school ethos, educate pupils on the importance of constructive and empowering relationships, emotional understanding and build positive confidence and self-esteem.

By collaborating alongside school's existing provisions we aim to compliment their interventions, thereby supporting not only the young people but staff as well.

"On a personal level it has made me reflect on my own approaches and made me put a spotlight on my own practices."
Leanne Evans Well-being Officer, Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun

With exclusion rates at an all- time high, let’s work together on ways to include rather than exclude.

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