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About Vibe Youth

Vibe Youth's objective is to provide hope for future generations

VIBE Youth was incorporated on 10th January 2017 with the sole purpose of supporting young people to become the best versions of themselves.

VIBE Youth provides hope for future generations by empowering young people in:

  • • Positive decision-making
  • • Building self-belief
  • • Encouraging social responsibility
  • • Building stronger individuals and communities

Meet the team behind Vibe Youth

Karen Carswell

Chief executive officer & Co-founder

Karen was born and raised in Swansea and came from a stable family home but went on to make poor choices throughout her youth. Karen explains "The choices I made as a young teenager were down to a lack of confidence and self-worth, I had very little respect for myself and others" Now a mum of two children, Karen is passionate about sharing her own personal lived experiances to inspire others. Karen is a highly skilled individual with qualifications in Youth work, Playwork, Child Development and supporting teaching and learning in schools.

" By setting up Vibe Youth we aim to create a platform of meaningful and relevant support for young people, we focus not on the actions of an individual but the reason behind those actions. We encourage young people to firstly identify, secondly acknowledge, thirdly understand, fourthly respect and finally bring about steps to change." 

Jake Henry

Chief operating office & Co-founder

Jake grew up in Plaistow east London where from a young age he was involved in criminal activity and gang culture. This way of life was looked upon as normal due to a variety of factors such as ACE's, negative role models, low self-esteem and confidence. Drawing from his own life experiences, Jake fundamentally understand the impact a difficult upbringing can have on later life choices as an adolescent, however his own personal journey has shown how a life can be transformed through developing an understanding of self and making a conscious commitment to value yourself and pursue more positive and self-affirming choices

Jake say's " I am very enthusiastic and passionate in sharing my experiences and solutions in hoping it can be of benefit to others. I feel that I am in a unique position to carry a message effectively to young people due to finding a new positive way of life and I am able to offer a solution to young people involved in a life such as mine was. No matter how far down the road of destruction one may feel they have gone, change for the better is possible."

Kate Carr

Board of directors/Chair

Kate is a former journalist who has delivered senior strategy, communication and engagement roles across the public, third and private sector. She helped establish the first Office of the Future Generations Commissioner and served South Wales as Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner. She now runs Arc: Making the Difference Ltd, supporting organisations and individuals towards sustainable change.

She is passionate about well-being and creating safer communities by building strong, sustainable organisations that make a real difference to people's lives.

Jayne Evans

Board of directors

Jayne grew up in Swansea, living with her parents, sister and her brother. Jayne stayed in school until she was 18 then began a nursing career, she trained as a psychiatric nurse and later as a learning disability nurse. Jayne spent 37 years working in the NHS the last 25 years working with children and young people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, in their family homes, schools and respite care environments. Jayne retired 5 years ago and now work's part time for two Community Councils and looks after her 4 year old granddaughter.

"Having spent many years working with young people, I believe some young people need to be supported to attain their goals in life, this support can come from within or outside the family unit. Positive messages and actions can encourage confidence and optimism in young people and I feel Vibe Youth offer this to young people."

Susannah Field

Board of directors

Susannah is a business writer, editor and communications coach dedicated to supporting those working for progress – in our understanding, our society and our environment.

Susannah brings almost 20 years’ experience in social research, marketing strategy and project management. She specialises in persuasive, evidence-based communications to boost clients’ impact and mobilise their audiences, and has worked on bids, case studies, award-winning campaigns and business communications for world-leading researchers, social enterprise and the public and third sectors.

Susannah also works as a Bid Writer for Swansea University, consulting on projects in heritage, regeneration, the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Chris Davies

Board of Directors

Chris was born and raised on a council estate in Llanelli, South Wales. Chris was subjected to a number of adverse childhood experiences and struggled academically. However, when Chris entered the world of work at 16 years of age, he met good people, who provided him with mentoring and coaching during his journey in life; enabling him to better understand his strengths and to make informed decisions about his future.

Chris is Head of Retail and Charitable Enterprise for one of the largest third sector organisations in the UK. Chris brings more than 25 years’ experience of designing, implementing, delivering and leading nationwide programmes, created to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK. Chris has worked with and is well respected by executive level colleagues across the Department of Work and Pensions, Job Centre Plus, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, Ministry of Justice, Police and Crime Commissioners and the Welsh Assembly Government. Chris also works as a Mentor and Coach.

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